Writing Thank You Notes

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Writing Thank You Notes

When you are going to write thanking notes, the first things you will feel is you will find and face a difficulty in writing it.  But if you follow a proper instruction and guide then you will produce and get great notes that reflect your good emotional and sense. The following is a guideline that you can use when writing your thank you note.

Keep it Short – Only one or two sentences at the most. Anymore than that and you are running the risk that it will not be read at all.

Sound sincere and enthusiastic – Did you enjoy yourself, then say so:

Thank you for taking the time out to give me a tour of your factory, which I found both fascinating and educational. I look forward to meeting with you next week and discussing matters further.


Post It – Always use the traditional mailing method for your notes. There is more of a chance that they will remember your note if it is delivered in an envelope, more so than they would if it is just another email on a long list of emails.

Time it Right – Write your note immediately or as soon as you get back to your desk. Mail it out that day so they will receive it in a day or two and you will once again stand out in their mind.

Stationary -You want good quality paper preferably on a memo size sheet or a correspondence card with just enough room for a short note and your name at the top.

Keep it Positive – Keep your thank you notes on the positive side by not even mentioning any negative details. If the basket of fruit they gave you was rotten or the flowers arrived wilted, then thank them for their kindness and thoughtfulness without mentioning the defect of the gift.

Smile – Smile while you are writing the note because it will put a positive slant on your words and your happiness and enthusiasm will be conveyed to the reader.

Letters that produce successful results, where everyone is a winner, and take people’s intention


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