Writing Perfect Cover Letter for a Job

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Cover letter for a job

When you are applying for a job you need great cover letter for a job to get more attention of the potential applicant.  The most important thing in writing cover letter for a job do not forget to check if there are any missing typing and spelling errors.  A good job application cover letter sample will show that you need to address it to a person rather than “to whom it may concern.”. I will share some tips in writing a great cover letter for a job.

Opening Sentence: Grab the reader’s attention. Your first sentence is the hardest to write and has to be engaging. Consider your selling points, are you experienced, qualified or have a successful, demonstrated record. Don’t be afraid to be positive and direct. This letter is about you and what you are capable of. The job market is increasingly competitive and you have to be satisfied that you are putting the best possible case forward to a potential employer.

Be Professional: An employer wants to know what you can offer. What is unique about you and how you can contribute to their organization? They are not interested in your marital status, how many kids you have or why you have moved to this location. Be clear, professional and concise.

Be Relevant: This is an opportunity to explain to an employer the relevance and importance of your experience and / or training. Draw from your resume the key areas in which you can make a transition and focus on emphasizing what you have to offer this specific employer. This approach is very important if you are highlighting recent experience in that field, however equally important when you are entering a new industry sector and demonstrating the relevance of transferable skills.

Be Concise: If your cover letter is three pages long it is too long. If it states the same information as your resume it is a waste of space. Make sure you carefully consider what your potential employer wants to know about you. Write clearly and concisely using statements and sentences that are focused on the information you want to present and the specific requirements of the position.

Your resume is a statement of fact while the cover letter is an opportunity to really sell yourself. Apply a strong structure with opening and closing paragraphs that clearly states what you are looking for and why. Writing a one page cover letter can take longer than your three page resume.

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