Writing a Resignation Letter

Writing a Resignation Letter | how to resign | sample job resignation letter Writing a Resignation Letter

Writing a resignation letter is a reason for the resignation and petition you would wrote with polite language and ethical. Basically people will also write an impression and message for working against the company that he had left. How to Using a letter of resignation in addition to keeping good relations, It is also  you can get recommendations for the work that has been done in the company that will be abandoned.make a good resignation letter should pay attention to the language used. 

Some points that should be paid attention in writing resignation letter that are:

1. Write it with clear, brave and to the point, the resignation letter must include the date of resignation. It means when you start to write this resignation letter and last date you work in your company.
2. You also don’t need to state in detail reason why you decided to resign ( Optional)

3. Saying thanks to your company who may help your career and the opportunity to work there .  Wish them well on the future and keep maintaining good relationship with you company.
4.  You should write this letter of resignation time before you decide to resign from your companies, It means to provides an opportunity to your company to find a new employees quickly.

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