Transfer Letter Sample

Transfer letter sample | letter of transfer

Transfer Letter Sample


Sender and address of person who is being transferred


Subject: Your transfer to our Liverpool branch

Dear Ms/Mr ___________

You have been an asset to the organization ever since you joined us on ________ (date of joining). Your efforts in helping increase marketing or to improve your team have always been commendable.

You might be aware that our Liverpool branch in-charge is due to leave the organization on _________ (when you left the organization). According to your performance at our office branch, the management has transferred you to our Liverpool  branch with effect from ____________ (date).

We understand that you will need some time to settle in Liverpool. That’s why the company will send you a week break for you to settle in.

Therefore your transfer salary will be improved by __________(details of salary increase). You could call the Human Resource Department for a detailed break-up of the salary component.

Please feel free to contact to us in case of any clarifications.

Wishing you all the best in all your future endeavors

Best regards,

Name, signature and designation of signing authority

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