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How to write Order Letter?

How to write order letter? Order letter is one type of business letter,  When we do order to the company partners or suppliers, we certainly are required to send either via fax, email or Postal Mail, This letter will be used the supplier to find out in detail about any items that our message. This is useful for troubleshooting in producing the order. In addition, the order will also use them as files and for the accounting or  finance. This Order Letter would be evidence of financial reporting transactions. In the order letter should contain clearly the kind of stuff...

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Sample Order Letter

Sample Order Letter To, Mr. Roberth Smith Highbury Road 134 London March 15th, 2010 Dear Sirs Confirming the order we placed with morning, we wish you to supply: 3 “Excelda Studio” Typewriters, in pale blue at the list price of £125 each, Less 40% trade discount. carriage forward. These machines are urgently required that you are arranging for immediate Yours faithfully Rebecca Midelton