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request for quotation example

No matter how large or small your meeting is, before you contact a property, it is essential that you develop clear meeting specifications.  It is in your best interest, and may be required depending on the amount, to prepare a written invitation to bid, request for quotation example, rather than contacting hotels by telephone to get a quote. request for quotation example should be clear and concise and serves an important tool, saves the planner time, which translates into a cost savings for the agency, provides purchasing documentation and justification for site selection and keeps the planner organized.  It also...

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Foreign buyer’s request for quotation

Foreign buyer’s request for quotation The following is another good example of a satisfactory letter of enquiry, this time from a foreign importer. Foreign buyer’s request for quotation 15th June 2010 Dear Sir We have recently received a number of requests for your light—weight raincoats and have good reason to believe that * could place regular orders with you provided your prices are competitive. From the description in your catalogue we feel that your “Aquatite” range is the one most suitable for these parts and should be glad if you would send us your quotation for men’s and women’s coats,...

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Request for quotation for printing paper

Request for quotation for printing paper   3rd June 2009 Dear Sirs Will you please quote for the supply of about 50 reams of good quality white poster paper suitable for auction bills and poster work generally. We require paper that will retain its white appearance after pasting on walls and hoardings and shall be glad if you will state your prices, including delivery at our works, and send us samples. Delivery would be required within four weeks of order. Yours faithfully Lee Anderson