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Hardship Letter

Hardship Letter Hardship letters are usually written when you are not able to pay a thing towards your bank loan or credit card company. It is a request to reschedule your payment. It is also written to the medical authorities for medical aid and to colleges and schools for reduction of fees due to some kind of hardship. Hardship letter must clearly explain your difficulty situation and your hardship therefore the reader understands your problem. It should also provide the necessary documents like the Bank statements, income tax statements, letters etc. When you write a hardship letter you should make...

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Credit Card Hardship Letter

Credit Card Hardship Letter   Mr. Jonathan Scott 134 Emerald street Sydney, Australia May 3, 2010 Mr. Gerrard Pique President Vaganza Bank. ST. Pitersbourgh –  Sydney, Australia Dear Mr. Pique, This letter is intended to inform my unpaid dues for my credit card last month.  I have been contacted by your company that I have outstanding dues for my credit card.  I am sorry for not being able to pay my dues last month.  My wife is still in hospital and I was still in London for business, where he has relocated, to see her.  She was in the hospital...

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Example Hardship Letter

Example hardship letter Mr Roberth Wood Elizabeth park road 1667 London March 23 2010 Mr. Lee Ryan Vaganza Loan Grup Dear Mr. Ryan I am writing this letter to convey my mortgage  dues last month.  I am a second year engineering  student who will be entering my last year in college next academic year. Since I was not able to search a part-time job over the break to be able to increase enough money for my tuition.  Last month, there was bills came up because my father fell ill and could not  work for a week.  The money I made...