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Friendly Letter Template

Friendly Letter Template Friendly Letter Template are usually written between friends or family members to stay in touch when they are far apart. A friendly letter usually includes personal information and descriptions of day-to-day life. Since the audience of a friendly letter is a friend or family member, it is okay to use less formal language and to write the same way you usually speak. Here are parts of friendly letter : Heading This includes the address, line by line, with the last line being the date. Skip a line after the heading. The heading is indented to the middle of...

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Formal Letter Template

Formal Letter Template When you write formal letter template one thing you have to know is the difference of informal letter and formal letter. The informal letter usually is used when we talk about personal situation for example: it is using in friendly letter, thank you letter, and so on. Meanwhile formal letter template is used when we talk about in formal situation such as language, format, and tones. it is usually used in application letter for job, resignation letter, and so on.

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Friendly Letter Format

Friendly Letter Format A friendly letter consists of 5 parts. 1. Heading which includes your street address (line 1), the town or city, state and zip code (line 2) then the date (line 3). 2. Greeting and salutation which begins Dear or Hi_____________, 3. Body of the letter  which contains your thoughts and ideas. 4. Closing usually ends which looks like this:           Yours truly,           Your friend,           Love,           Sincerely,           Sincerely yours, 5. Signature: You have to sign this letter at the end of letter writing. you sign in with black or blue ink pen.