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friendly letter format for kids

Most kids today do not understand what that letter. They prefer to send a message with electronic equipment rather than letters. As a parent, you have to introduce a friendly letter format for kids. Teach them to write a letter early on, because you teach writing to children, you will make them more like writing than playing electronic equipment. friendly letter example friendly letter template Here are friendly letter format for kids with template Heading placed at the top of letter, including the date and sometimes your address Greeting it’s like saying “hi” it tells to whom are writing Body...

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Sample Friendly Letter

Sample Friendly Letter (Heading) 506 Country Lane South Carolina, CA  11088 March 23, 2009 (Salutation / greeting) Dear Ronald ( opening paragraph) How are you Ronald? It’s been a long time since we got away from each other due to our studies. Indeed, I miss you so much, my friend. However, the Christmas vacation is coming so we will have some time to see each other. (Body) In fact, I am planning to spend my Christmas vacation there. I am looking forward for that vacation because I am so excited to be with you again even for just a short...

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Friendly Letter Format

Friendly Letter Format A friendly letter consists of 5 parts. 1. Heading which includes your street address (line 1), the town or city, state and zip code (line 2) then the date (line 3). 2. Greeting and salutation which begins Dear or Hi_____________, 3. Body of the letter  which contains your thoughts and ideas. 4. Closing usually ends which looks like this:           Yours truly,           Your friend,           Love,           Sincerely,           Sincerely yours, 5. Signature: You have to sign this letter at the end of letter writing. you sign in with black or blue ink pen.