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Inquiry for f.o.b. quotation

Inquiry for f.o.b. quotation (a) Importer’s inquiry 10th May 2010 Dear Sirs We have received an order for the supply of 10,000 meters of curtain material in grey, blue and green, and enclose a sample showing approximate weight and quality required. Please send us patterns of materials you can supply and quote your lowest price for delivery f.o.b. Manchester during early July. Provided patterns are suitable and prices satisfactory an order will be placed at once and would probably be fol’ lowed by others. We shall therefore be grateful if you will give the matter your immediate and careful attention....

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Enquiry Letter Sample

  Enquiry letter sample 25th January 2010 The Press Officer Bank of Maranatha Dear Sir Certificates of Tax Deposit On page 426 of the Bank’s Gazindo for January 2010 there is a reference to the issue or certificates of tax deposit. I should be grateful if you would explain to me the nature and purpose of these certificates and the difference between them and certificates of deposit. I am familiar with the latter but not with the former, and would like to make a reference to the former in a proposed new edition of my book on Commerce, published by...