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Effective Follow up Letters

Follow up letters When a buyer has asked for a quotation but does not place an order or even acknowledge the quotation, it is natural for the seller to wonder why. If he is “alive” he will not allow matters to rest there, but will arrange for his representative to call, or send a “follow-up” letter if the enquiry is from a distance.

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A firm offer letter

firm offer letter is made when a seller promises to sell goods at a stated price, usually within a stated period of time. The promise may be express (i.e. clearly stated in words), as when it takes the form of a letter; or it may be implied (i.e. understood), as when it takes the form of a quotation that contains the words “For acceptance within seven days”, or similar qualifying words. Like a quotation without qualifying words, a firm offer is not legally binding, even when made expressly, but unlike such a quotation a firm offer is capable of acceptance...