Supplier’s Letter offer of visit

supplier's letter offer of visitSupplier’s letter offer of visit

3rd January 2010

Dear Sirs

We thank you for your enquiry of yesterday expressing interest in our range of fire extinguishers. Our “Junior Model ” appears to be just the type of extinguisher you are looking for. It is small, weighs only 3 kg and is very simple to operate. We also have other light—weight models. If you wish, we will gladly arrange for a demonstration at your offices. Our Mr Burton will be visiting a number of our customers in the Bristol area during next week and if you will suggest a day and time when a demonstration would be convenient, we will arrange for him to call. Our light—weight extinguishers have a good reputation as being ‘efficient and reliable and we are confident that Mr Burton will be able to show you an extinguisher ideally suited to your particular needs.

Yours faithfully

Micah Anderson

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