Specific Guidelines for Writing a Business Letter

Business letter communication should be simple, direct, brief, and courteous. Specific Guidelines for Writing a Business Letter should conform to the following format:

  • Heading:

Type the sender’s address (but not the sender’s name) and the date single-spaced, six to ten line spaces from the top of the first page. Spell out street and city names and months in full. Abbreviate state names using standard postal abbreviations. Include the zip code. With letter head stationery, type the date one line spaces below the letterhead address.

  • Inside address:

Type the recipient’s address two to three line spaces below the heading. Include the person’s full name (and title, if appropriate), followed by his or her position (if needed); the name of the department or division within the company; the company’s name ; and the full (street, city, and state) address.

  • Greeting:

Type the opening salutation (Dear Dr. Jones), one line space below the inside address, followed by a colon. If the sender and the recipient are on a first-name basis, use only the recipient’s first name.

  • Body:

Begin the body of the letter one line space below the greeting. Single space within paragraphs; double-space between paragraphs. If the reason for writing is clear and simple, state it in the first paragraph. If details are necessary, provide them in the first paragraph and then move on to state the purpose of the letter. If the letter is more than one page, type the addressee’s last name, the date, and the page number flush with the right margin of each subsequent page.

  • Closing:

Type the complimentary closing (Sincerely, Cordially, Yours truly, Respectfully yours, Best regards,) two spaces after the last
line of the body of the letter.

  • Signature:

Type the full name of the sender, including any title, three line spaces below the closing. Sign the letter with the sender’s full name (first name only if the recipient has been addressed by his or her first name) in blue or black ink in the space above the typed name.

  • Additional information:

Additional brief information may be provided belowthe signature, flush with the left margin. This information may include a list of the recipients of copies of the letter (cc John Doe), the word Enclosures or the abbreviation enc. to indicate that addition a l material mentioned in the letter is enclosed. If someone other than the writer typed the letter, the writer’s initials and the typi st’s initials are shown as GB/gop[1].

Example for Specific Guidelines for Writing a Business Letter:

example for specific guidelines business letter

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