Shareholder Resolution

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Shareholder Resolution

Shareholders have the power to ask a resolution that increases an issue with management, and pushing changes in company practice policy. Filing a shareholder resolution also inputs an issue before all shareholders, either in writing during a proxy voting process, or given when verbally at the annual meeting of the corporation that is attended by many of the largest shareholders.

hereby sign the following annual resolutions:

1.    The financial statements of the corporation for the fiscal year ended [Month and Date>, prepared by <name of accounts>, Chartered Accountants, under their comments dated [DATE], are received.

2. Resolutions are in place of an annual meeting of shareholders of the corporation.

3. Names of directors who continue as directors of the corporation.

4.  Auditor names are appointed the chosen of the corporation for the current fiscal year.

5. The Board of Directors since the last annual meeting of shareholders are approved and ratified.

6.<DIRECTOR NAME >is elected as the corporation director.

7.  By law number that passed is confirmed by the Board of Directors of the corporation.

8.  The application to amend the Incorporation article of the corporation in the draft form added as Schedule A to these resolutions is approve

9. The proposed sale by the corporation of overall include its assets to <name of purchase> in accordance with the draft purchase agreement and sale added as Schedule A to these resolutions is approved.

10. <name of director> is removed as a director of the corporation.

Dated:    <DATE>



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