sample of resignation formal letter

Before you make resignation formal letter, you must had a good experience in the job that you are leaving then you should provide a detailed reason as to why you are leaving.

Let them know that it was a hard decision to make but you feel it’s a positive career move. Always give one strong reason rather than listing many minor issues. And, most importantly, always maintain good relations.

If you do not want to provide too much detail as to the reasons that you are leaving, keep the letter formal but polite. Even if you have had a face-to-face discussion with your employer, a letter of resignation is still required. You may want to keep the information in the letter more general but clearly state your intention and final day of employment.

Here is just one sample of resignation formal letter.

picture sample of resignation formal letter

Your Name
Street Address
Suburb, State, Postcode
Contact Number

Date : ____


Name of Manager
Name of company
Street Address
Dear ______

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation from the role of (your position) at (company name), as discussed with you on (date of prior discussion about your resignation). As per my employment contract, I am giving 4 weeks’ notice and my last day will be (date of your last day with the company).

(Briefly explain your reason for leaving, such as…) I have been offered a position that will enable me to further develop my skills and advance my career in (name industry).

I would like to thank you for the opportunities and support you have given me during my time at (company name) over the last  (time at company). I have enjoyed working with the team and wish them every success in the future.

Working at (company name) has been a very rewarding experience and I would like to thank you again for the opportunities I received during my time here.




Full Name


Other sample of  letter resignation corporate partner.

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