Sample Sales Letter

sample sales letterSample sales letter

Dear Reader

Your speech labels you — and the label sticks. People judge you by how you say it rather than by what you say.

Many a pretty girl loses her charm when she opens her mouth and many a man loses his wits if asked to speak in public.

Your speech reflects your personality and controls the impression you make on everyone you meet and it is easy to see how your voice can become one of your most powerful assets. That is why we are sending you the enclosed folder “How to Talk”. Read it carefully and think of the many advantages that can be yours and the confidence you will acquire when your conversation attracts and holds the attention of others.

If you want to improve your voice and make your conversation more forceful and convincing, fill in the enclosed form today. An initial payment of £2 and then only £1 for twelve months will bring you the book of instructions and a set of six records. Or, if you prefer, you may send £12.50 now to cover the total cost and save £1.50. In either case, you may return both book and records within seven days if you are not completely satisfied and we will refund in full whatever money you may have paid.

Yours faithfully

Michael Dunn



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