Request & Reply to a Dealer who has been recommended

Request & Reply to a dealer who has been recommended – When writing to a supplier to whom he has been recommended, the writer may feel it to be to his advantage to mention the fact.

(a) Request

18th May 2010

Dear Sir

My friend, Mr W Stevens of 29 High Street, Derby, recently bought from you an electric lawn—mower. He is delighted with the machine and has recommended your firm to me.
I need a similar machine, but smaller, and should be glad if you would send me a copy of your catalog and any other information that may help me to make the best choice for my purpose.

Yours faithfully

Nicolas James

(b) Reply

22nd May 2010

Dear Mr. Nicolas James

I enclose a catalogue and current price list of our lawn— mowers as requested in your letter of 18th May. The machine bought by your friend was a 38 cm “Ransome”. The “Ransome” is an excellent machine, but it is not made in any size smaller than 30 cm. If you should want a smaller size than this, we can recommend the “Panther Junior”. You will find particulars on page 15 of the catalog.

We have this and several other small machines in stock and
should be glad to show them to you if you care to call.

Yours faithfully

Robert Anderson

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