Request & Reply for catalog by a private customer

Request & Reply for catalog by a private customer – A letter, and not a compliment slip, is necessary when the enquiry suggests that the writer would welcome advice or guidance, as in the following example.

(a) Request

8th February 2010

Dear Mr Jonathan Brown

Will you please send me a copy of your current typewriter catalog and price list. I am particularly interested in portables, but require a machine suitable for fairly heavy duty, including stencil—cutting.

Yours faithfully

Michael Anderson

(b) Reply

11th February 2010

Dear Mr Michael Anderson

I enclose the catalogue of typewriters for which you ask in your letter of 8th February. It includes particulars of portables by a number of makers. We think the Olivetti “Studio 44” is a machine that would suit your purpose very well.

This machine weighs 7 kg and is heavier than most portables, but even so it is conveniently portable when carried in its case. A type—face suitable for stencil—cutting could be supplied.

We have one of these machines in stock and, if it is convenient for you to call, we shall be pleased to let you try it.

Yours faithfully

Jonathan Brown


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