Request letter for special terms

request letter for special terms | credit sample letter

Request letter for special terms

An enquiry by a trader will often involve something more than a mere request for catalog or price list. He will often seek the supplier’s opinion or recommendation, or he may wish to stress the size of his business or the probability of repeat orders with the object of getting specially favorable terms.

Sample of Request letter for special terms

18th July 2010

Dear Sirs

Subject: Request for catalog and current price list for Bicycles

Will you please send US a copy of your catalogue and current price list for bicycles. We are interested in machines for both men and women, and also for children.
We are the leading bicycle dealers in this city, where cycling is popular, and have branches in five neighboring towns. If therefore the quality of your machines is satisfactory and the prices are right, we expect to place regular orders for fairly large numbers.

Will you please say whether, in these circumstances, you are able to allow us a special discount. This would enable us to maintain the low selling prices that have been an important reason f or the growth of our business. In return, we would be prepared to place orders for a guaranteed annual minimum number of machines, the figure to be
mutually agreed.

Yours faithfully

Roberth Martinez

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