Request Letter for Firm’s Traveller

 request letter for firm a travellerRequest Letter for Firm’s Traveller

Customers will often form their opinions of a firm from the impressions created by its travelers; hence the need for careful selection and proper training of the sales staff. Not only must a traveler be a specialist in the art of persuasion, he must also:

  1. know the goods he sells and the uses to which they can be put;
  2. know the customer’s needs; and
  3. know enough about both to be able to give sound advice to customers who need guidance.

Sample of request for firm’s traveller to call

1st November 2010

Dear Sirs

We read with interest your advertisement for plastic kitchen ware in the current issue of the House Furnishing Review and would like you to arrange for your traveller to call when I is next in this district. It would be helpful if he could bring with him a good selection of items from your range of products.
This is a rapidly developing district and, provided prices are right, your goods should find a ready sale.

Yours faithfully

Edmond Harold

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