Reply letter for special term

reply for special termReply letter for special term

The following reply by the manufacturer is cautious. He naturally wants the business, but will first require trade references. His offer of allowances on a sliding scale is a sensible, and fair, approach to the dealer’s request.

Sample of reply letter for special term

21st July 2010

Dear Sirs

Subject: Reply for catalog and current price list for Bicycles

We have examined your proposal to place orders for a guaranteed minimum number of machines in return for a special allowance, but after considering it carefully feel it would be better to offer you a special allowance on the following sliding—scale basis:
On purchases exceeding an annual total of:
£1,000 but not exceeding £2,500………….3%
£ 2.500 but not exceeding £ 5.000………  4%
£5,000 and above but not exceeding. .. .. . . .. . .. . . .. …5%

No special allowance could be given on annual total purchases below £1,000.
We feel that an arrangement on these lines would be nre satisfactory to both of us than the one you propose.
We shall be glad to learn that you accept our proposal and, subject to the usual trade references, look forward to your orders.

Yours faithfully

Chirstian Adam


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