Reply Letter for Firm’s Traveler to Call

 reply letter for firmReply Letter for Firm’s

The following reply contains a number of good points:

  •   it is helpful and friendly
  •   It presents the case from the buyer’s point of view
  •   it arouses interest by referring to the success of sales elsewhere
  •   it gives reasons why an order should be placed without delay
  •   it has a personal ring (note the reference to Mr Whitelaw rather than our      representative)  and does not sound at all like a routine reply.

Sample of Reply letter for firm traveler to call

4th November 2010

Dear Sir

We were pleased to receive your letter of 1st November and have arranged for our Mr Whitelaw to call on you during next week, when he has a number of calls to make in your area. Meanwhile, we are sending you an illustrated catalog of our plastic goods and also details of our terms and conditions of sale. Plastic kitchen—ware has long been a popular feature of the modern kitchen. Its bright and attractive colors appeal strongly to the housewife, and wherever dealers have. arranged them in special window displays, good sales are reported. When you have inspected the samples Mr Whitelaw will bring with him, you will understand why we are finding it difficult to meet current demand at the resale prices we recommend. If therefore you wish to have a stock of these goods before Christmas, we advise you to place your order by the end of this month.

Yours faithfully


Will Smith





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