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Reply for office equipment | apply for office equipmentReply for office equipmentIn the following reply, the supplier not only answers the enquiry but also tries to interest his correspondent in other equipment. This is sound business practice and you will find further examples of it in many of the letters that follow.

28th April 2010

Dear Mr James Morisson

We thank you for your enquiry of 25th April.  I am glad to say that we can help you.
The “Universal” typewriter is an excellent machine and is quite suitable for tabulation. We have it in stock and can supply it with a carriage able to take papers up to 60 cm wide. The enclosed booklet describes the machine in detail.

Also from stock we can supply several makes of power— operated offset duplicators, including the well—known Gestetner and Roneo models. Both are excellent machines able to turn out opies at the rate of fifty a minute. Illustrated leaflets describing the machines are enclosed.
We feel you may also be interested in a very modern syst em of filing recently put on the market by ilarveys of Birmingham. The system is specially designed for firms handling the accounts of large numbers of customers.

May we suggest a visit to our showrooms. We could then demonstrate the various machines and show you our very wide range of modern office appliances and equipment.

Yours Faithfully,

Michael Phelps

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