personal business letter format block style

personal business letter format block style is a typewritten form of communication that is formatted with all parts aligned to the left margin, hence, the name “block.” A business letter is used when corresponding with a representative from a business or organization. Most commonly, a business letter is sent through the mail, enclosed in a typed envelope. However, it may be sent electronically as an e-mail attachment, or sometimes even as a fax.

picture for personal business letter format block styleParts personal business letter format block style :

  • Return Address
    The address of the person sending the letter (sender). Includes the street address, city, state, and zip code. Note: The return address does not include the sender’s name.
  • Date
    The date the letter is written.
  • Inside Address
    Includes the following information of the person receiving the letter: courtesy title (Mr., Mrs., or Ms.), first and last name and his/her job title (if applicable), company name (if applicable), street address, city, state, and zip code.
  • Salutation
    Includes the greeting (opening) of the letter, followed by the receiver’s courtesy title and last name.
  • Body
    Includes the details of the letter. The first paragraph should introduce and state the reason for the letter. The following paragraphs should provide details for why the letter is being written and any background information that supports the message.
  • Complimentary Closing
    Typically includes a closing phrase and is used to show respect and appreciation for the person reading
    the letter.
  • Signature Area
    The space for the sender’s signature.
  • Sender’s Name
    Includes the sender’s first and last name, followed by his/her job title (if applicable).
  • Reference Initials
    Initials of the person (other than the author) who keyed the letter for the sender.
  • Attachment/Enclosure Notation
    Indicates another document is attached or enclosed with the letter.


example personal business letter format block style

68 Hillbrook Road
Columbus, OH 43215

January 10, 20__

Ms. Jennifer Crosswell
Greater Columbus
Convention Center
400 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Dear Ms. Crosswell:

Enclosed please find my volunteer application for your review. I am interested in working at the Jordan Perry event that will be held on February 14, 20__. I saw the advertised position in last Sunday’s Columbus Dispatch.

As you can see, I have extensive experience in event marketing. I have volunteered at various church festivals, local carnivals, and walk- a- thons. At my last volunteer post, I assisted organizers of the Walk for Cancer by welcoming walkers at registration. My supervisor that day said I was one of the friendliest, most responsible volunteers she has ever had. Besides being a huge Jordan Perry fan, I believe my work experience and history as a hard working individual make me qualified for the job.

I look forward to speaking with you further about my qualifications. Please feel free to contact me at the above address or call me at 614-555-3219. Thank you for your consideration.


Sara Birch

Using a standard personal business letter format block style shows your attention to what is common in the business world. Business people are busy, and concise, professional writing presented in a standard way is expected and appreciated.

Examples :



cover letter sample for job

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