Offer of toys by British exporter

offer letter by exporterOffer letter by exporter

2nd June 2010

Dear Sirs

We learn from your high commissioner in London that you are looking for new ideas in toys and we feel we may be able to help you.

We have recently bought on very favourable terms the entire bankrupt stock of plastic toys of the company whose cata logue is enclosed, and are therefore able to offer a wide range of this company’s toys at very low prices. Most of the items listed are in stock and we are prepared to offer them to you at the special discount rate of 60% off catalog prices on orders received by the end of this month for items then in stock.

We think you will also be interested in our own catalogue of mechanical toys and enclose a copy. From the prices listed we would allow you a special discount of 10% over and above our normal trade discount of 30%. We would, however, stress that these special terms, like those for unsold stock of plastic toys, are open only until 30th June. For all orders received after that date prices will be 10% higher than those we are now offering. All prices stated are for delivery c.i.f. Accra. Our settlement terms are 2% one month.

Both the catalogues we are sending you include a number of novel toys with which we feel sure you would be delighted and we should be very glad to welcome you as one of our customers. We therefore look forward to the pleasure of a first order from you.

Yours faithfully

Thomas Lunderson

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