Offer Letter to a former customer

offer letter to a former customerOffer Letter to a former customer

Dear Sirs

Looking through our records we note with regret that we have not had the pleasure of an order from you since last December. We hope you have had no cause to be dissatisfied either with our goods or with the way in which we have handled your orders.

We think you may be interested to know that we have recently been appointed sole agents for the sale in this country of the typewriters of six of the leading manufacturers and that our stocks now include a wide range of first—class portables at very attractive prices. From the catalog enclosed you will see that the prices of these portables are very much lower than those for standard models and that we are offering very generous terms of payment.

We should be pleased to send you any of our typewriters on approval, at our own expense and without any obligation on your part. All we would ask is that you return within fourteen days any machines you do not wish to buy.

We look forward to the pleasure of your renewed custom.

Yours faithfully

Thomas Brian

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