Offer Letter Sample

Offer Letter Sample The offer not asked for that is sometimes sent to an individual or a small number of individuals is a form of sales letter. It serves the same purpose and follows the same general principles. These offers take a variety of forms, including offers of free samples, goods on approval, special discounts on orders received within a stated period and, perhaps more frequently, offers to send brochures, catalogs, price lists, patterns, and so on upon return of a detachable form or card, usually prepaid. If you do not provide any of the things mentioned, you should at least round off your letter by offering to send further information or advice on request.

Offer letter to a newly established trader

Dear Sir

We learn that you have recently opened a shop for the sale of toys and send you our best wishes for success.

Naturally, you will wish to offer your customers the latest in toys — toys that are attractive, durable and reasonably priced, but your stock will not be complete without the mechanical toys for which we have a national reputation.

We are sole importers of “Valifact’ toys and our terms of sale are very generous as you will see from the enclosed price list. In addition to the trade discount stated we would allow you a first—order discount of 5% on the amount. We hope that on these terms you will place an order with us and feel sure you would be well satisfied with your first transaction. To ensure that you have full information on the wide assortment of toys we can offer, we will arrange for our Mr Wilhemson to call on you if you will complete and return the enclosed card to say when it would be convenient.

Yours faithfully

Micah Richard.


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