Offer letter of a quality product

offer letter of a quality productOffer letter of a quality product

Dear Sirs

We are taking the liberty of sending you with this letter a copy of our current price list for plastic handbags. The high quality of our products is well known and universally acknowledged and we are confident that a trial order would convince you that, at the prices quoted, the goods we are offering are excellent value for money.

From all list prices we allow a trade discount of 35% and a further special discount of 5%, making 40% in all, on orders received on or before 31st May. Under pressure of rising costs we shall not find it possible to extend these favourable terms beyond that date, so why not take advant age of them now and send us an ininediate order.

We are offering you goods of the very highest quality on unusually generous terms and would welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Yours faithfully


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