Offer Letter of a New Product

offer letter of a new product

Offer Letter of a new product

Dear Sirs

We think you will be interested in the new “Sealex” paint we have just introduced to the trade. A sample has been sent to you today by parcel post.

“Sealex” is the result of many months of careful research. It is made from a special formula and owes its superiority over other exterior paints to its remarkable ability to allow for the movement of those paint—peeling cracks just visible to the naked eye. This quality to expand with the cracks comes from a very special combination of graniLe, mica and resin that provides a rich, thick coating twice the thickness of that of the average finish, thus giving long—term protection.

“Sealex” is available in twenty—one basic colours and, as you will see from the enclosed list, prices are surprisingly low. We are nevertheless allowing a special 5% discount to distributors who place orders before the end of the current month and look forward to receiving one from you.

Yours faithfully

James Morisson

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