Mortgage Hardship Letter

Mortgage hardship letter | free Mortgage hardship letter

Mortgage hardship letter


7 June, 2010

Jimm Smith

230 Leeds UK

Dear Sir,

I am writing to request for my financial situation and review me if I can qualify for the Loan Modification Program.

I am still in problems of getting my monthly financial because of financial difficulties that is  by a reduced income, the lost of child support income for one child besides just commencing a new job. This difficult situation is around the end of May and has been continuing till date. At times, I feel as if my situation is permanent, and will not change unless I am able to reduce some of my debt overload.

I want to request for a reduction in interest rate so that I can honor my entire financial obligations that I may not be forced to file for Bankruptcy Protection. I have tried  so hard to improve myself financially with my parents helping me until I am able to get back on my feet.

I am Jim Smith, hereby say that the given information on above is to be true and correct.

Jim Smith

Borrower’s Signature

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