Maternity Leave letter

maternity leave letter | sample maternity letterMaternity leave letter


Simon Webb,

HR Manager,

Vaganza Company


Dear Simon,

Re. Maternity Leave

I am writing to convey that I am still pregnant and the baby is probably 1st June 2003 and I hope to purpose my maternity leave from the week starting from 20th May 2003. I do not take any annual leave and my annual leaves are still available to me totally and I wish to create the same to my maternity leave. I have enclosed the requisite form as per the rules for your perusal and action.

I also wish to avail my full maternity allowance for the period. I will avail full maternity leave till 5th July 2003 and want you to confirm if you accept the date of rejoining. If I hope to return to work sooner, I am aware that I have to confirm you of the same. Similarly, if I am late in rejoining work due to any reason, I shall notify my reasons.

I kindly wish to hear from you at the earliest regarding confirmation of my maternity leave and rejoining date.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Nicole Anderson

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