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14 June 2008

Mr Alexander Smith

Highbury Park 114 – London.

Re: unpaid wages Dear Mr Alexander Smith:

I am writing in reference to my paycheck. I was hired by your company on 15 March 2006. I was to be paid a rate of $ 15.000. I worked for 12 hours per day, and 72 hours per week. My last day of work was 10 June 2008.

I have not received a check for 24 hours. I worked those hours between 20 March – 22 March 2008 – I calculate the amount of wages owed to be $ 500, based on my rate of pay and hours listed above.

On This Wednesday, I requested a check from Mr Henry Kewell, but I have not yet received it. According to government payment law, I am entitled to full payment of the wages owed either within three (3) days from the date my employment with your company terminated or by the next pay period. I expect a check for the wages I am owed to be sent to me at the address listed below in accordance with the law.

Daniel Sahuleka

Garden Humpiyers 224- London

Thank you for your cooperation.


Daniel Sahuleka


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