Letter requesting inability to pay

letter requesting inability to pay |  Letter Requesting Payment of Debt
Letter requesting inability to pay  The following letter from a regular and reliable customer makes a quite reasonable request and a supplier refusing it would run the risk of driving his customer away. Resenting his supplier’s refusal, the customer might pay the £50 owing and then start buying from a competitor. The supplier would gain his £50, but in the process may well lose many valuable future orders.

Sample customer explains inability to pay

Dear Sir

Your invoice No 527 for £516 worth of goods supplied on 20th July is due for payment at the end of this month. Most unfortunately a fire broke out in our dispatch department last week and destroyed a large part of a valuable consignment due for delivery to a cash customer. Our claim is now with the insurance company, but It is unlikely to be met for another three or four weeks and until then we are faced with a difficult financial problem. I am therefore writing for permission to defer payment of your invoice until the end of September.

As you are aware, my accounts with you have always been settled promptly and it is with regret that I am now forced to make this request. I hope, however, that you will find it possible to grant it.

Yours faithfully

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