Letter Offer Credit Accounts

letter offer credit accounts Letter Offer Credit Accounts


June 20, 2008

Mr. James Morrison
Vaganza Co.Ltd
Liverpool. UK

Dear Mr. Morrison:

In reference our Credit Department has said to me that your account with us has been paid in full payment and I hope to say gratitude to you personally for the manner in which you done your payments.

I am sorry that your account has been closed, because I like to do business with people who meet their obligations such as you do.

My compliments to you, because your “credit is good enough,” as signified by the special privilege card enclosed.

Now that your credit with us has been opened, I want you to know that you can purchase any items or merchandise in our store and have it charged to your account at any time.  Your selection will be sent as soon as possible and you must not pay one cent credit; just say, “charge it.”

I would like to receive a visit from you and to know if you are as well satisfied with us as we are with you.  Please accept my kindest regards.

Sincerely yours,

Julio Baptista

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