Letter enclosing quotation

Letter enclosing quotation

20th August 2010
Messrs Sarnih Ghadban & Co
15 Horns Avenue

Dear Sirs

We thank you for your enquiry of 15th August and are pleased to send you our quotation for leather shoes and handbags. We have indicated those items which we can deliver from stock immediately. For all remaining items the stated dates of delivery are approximate, but in no case would these dates be exceeded by more than ten days.

All items for which we have quoted are made from very best quality leather and can be supplied in a range of designs and colours wide enough to meet the requirements of a fashionable trade such as yours.

We look forward to receiving your order and meanwhile enclose a copy of our catalogue as we feel you may be interested in some of our other products. These include leather gloves and purses, described and illustrated on pages 18 — 25. The catalogue will give you all essential facts10 about our goods, but cannot answer all your personal questions. This we shall be glad to do if you will write to us

Yours faithfully


(signed) W Hanson
Enc (2)



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