job verification letter sample

The employment-verification letter need not be an original document with a wet signature. For example, it may be a printout of a PDF or a photocopy of a hand-signed original.

The job verification letter sample must meet the following criteria :

  • On the letterhead of the employer’s organization.
  • Hand-signed by the person authorized by the organization to do so.
  • Submitted in hard copy at the appointment.
  • Include the full name of the authorized user (the applicant for the digital certificate).
  • Dated no more than 30 days prior to the ID-proofing appointment.


(Date of Letter)

To whom it may concern :

By this letter, I certify that __________________(Full name of authorized user), employee #______________________________ (optional), is as of this date an active and current employee of ___________________________________ (name of organization).

The authorized user details are as follows:
First Name       : _______________________
Middle Initial   : _______________________
Last Name        : _______________________
Email Address : _______________________

By signing this letter, I attest that I am authorized by ____________________ ( name of organization ) to certify the identity and employment status of the authorized user referenced herein.


(Signature of authorized party)

First Name        : __________________
Middle Initial   : __________________
Last Name        : __________________
Title                   : __________________
Email Address : __________________

Instructions for obtaining an employment job verification letter sample

  • Letter should be typed on company letterhead.
  • Letter must be dated.
  • Letter must be signed and that person’s title must be listed.
  • Letter must include the dates employed.
  • Letter must indicate the number of hours per week worked.
  • Letter must describe current job duties for position; be as detailed as possible.


(Please have printed on company letterhead)
United States Embassy
Non-Immigrant Visa Unit
Re: Employment Verification for (Beneficiary)
Dear Sir/Madam:
This letter serves to confirm that (Beneficiary) remains currently employed with us on a full-
time basis, pursuant to the terms of his/her approved visa petition. The duties and responsibilities of the job remain as described in our original letter accompanying the approved visa petition.
We look forward to the rapid re-admission of (Beneficiary) to the United States to resume employment with our company, and respectfully request that you kindly extend all due
Please feel free to contact us if your office should require any further information. You may
also contact our immigration counsel, Jackson & Hertogs LLP, at (415) 986-4559.
(company representative’s name)

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