Job Application Letter

This is example Job Application LetterJob Application Letter

February 14 1998

Mr. Sandro

Dear Mr. Sandro

I am applying for the Technical Writer position advertised in the February 1998, Memphis Magazine My relevant experience is diverse and establishes me as a first-class candidate for this opportunity.

My writing experience is extensive. I am currently employed as a staff technical writer for a local company. My past work experience includes business and freelance writing and editing, At my current employer. I draft technical description of products for the company website and maintain any and all new hire documentation such as the employee handbook.

Additionally. I edit fiction manuscripts for an online e-book publishing company Specifically, I edit for overall flow, content, grammar and spelling In my editing role. I have regular interaction with authors and the pub1isher.

I am available lot an interview scheduled at your convenience, I may be reached at the telephone number above. Thank you for your consideration.


Mr. Andy Crooll

Job Application Letter

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