job application letter sample

write a job application letter sampleWhen you apply for a job with an application form there is no need to send a letter. If you are sending a CVit is normal to include a covering letter. A job application letter sample is all you need for a job application. The job advertisement will always tell you how to apply. A letter for a job application is a very important letter. The way you present the letter is your first introduction to the person who could be your new employer. As luck would have it, there is a standard format for this kind of letter, and this makes the letter much easier to write.

There are four basic pieces of information you need to include in a covering letter for a job application letter sample.

  1. Name the job you are applying for and where you found out about it. For example, name the newspaper where the ad. appeared and the date when it was printed.
  2. Include some information about yourself. This is not necessary if you are including a CV.
  3. Give the name, address and phone number of two people who will recommend you to the potential employer. It is best if one of these is a personal referee and one is a work referee.
  4. State the times when you will be available for an interview.

Below is an example of a covering letter that could be sent without a CV. The arrangement or format page of job application letter sample should always be the same as this.

how to write job application letter format

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