inquiry letter for answer kitchen ventilators

this is inquiry letter for answer kitchen ventilatorsinquiry letter for answer kitchen ventilators

Messrs J. Billington & Sons Ltd,
17 Mayfield Road,

 25th April, 19..

Dear Sir.

We thank you for your letter of 14th April, inquiring about our kitchen ventilation units. We regret the delay in answering, due to the indisposition of some members of this department, and hasten to supply you with the information that you request.
As you see from the enclosed brochures, we have two reversible ventilators: the MONARCH 15, which is 15 centimeters in diameter and is suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, and the ROYAL 20, which is more powerful and consequently more suitable for kitchens.
Our terms are: a discount of 5% on orders up to 15; beyond that we give 7$. If an order is exceptionally large we are prepared to increase the discount. These discounts are in addition to the normal 2$ for settlement within 30 days.
We look forward to hearing from you and to being able to supply you with our ventilator units.

Your8 faithfully,

L. Gremlin
Sales Manager

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