inquiry letter for answer an urgent order

THIS IS IMAGE INQUIRY LETTER FOR ANSWER AN URGENT ORDERinquiry letter for answer an urgent order

The Southern Paint Co. Ltd
Grayling Lane
Eastleigh 236

2nd May, 19..

Messrs T. Nicholls & Sons,
Broad Street,

Dear Sirs,

We thank you for your order No.4743, which is receiving immediate attention and will be delivered within the week. We, too, have had a run on HOUSEMAN paints with the result that we may not be able to supply you with ever color marked on your order.
With regard to your request for the inclusion of this order with your quarterly order, we regret that this will not be possible since it would involve extended credit at maximum discount. What we are prepared to do, however, I will to invoice this order separately but at full discount.
We trust that this compromise meets with your approve and look forward to your further orders.

Yours faithfully,

P. Liston

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