How to Write a Good Recommendation Letter?

recommendation letter | how to write recommendation letter   How to Write a Good Recommendation Letter?


A letter of recommendation is a letter issued by professors, deans, tops, head of project, and other, which explains the impression or evaluation as long as we work with them.

To apply for a scholarship, this letter is mandatory. For the case of the Americans, they will require 2-3  lecturers or employer for the that already work.
A letter of recommendation can be made in the form of free, or according to the format specified by the University to be listed. Letters created with the format of the University can be directly posted on line. Professor or boss stay fill the form provided and click send directly via the internet.

However, for flexibility, a letter of recommendation format would be preferred. If you plan to register more than one school. it is better to write letter by your desire then to be copied as required.

The contents of the letter of recommendation format should at least include:

1.Who give a position of  recommendations (lecturers, mentors, Manager etc)
2. How long you know someone who give you recommendation.
3. What your qualification or capabilities?
4. Make sure in recommendation letter is listed words “Highly Recomended to …”
5. Insert also signatures, contact person, and job position.

Because the lecturer or the boss is busy man, ask him what we need to make a draft first. This will relieve at once to save time rather than waiting for them to take the time. After the draft is returned we stay to replace points that need to be changed.

Lastly, don’t forget to say a thank you to recommend you.

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