Friendly Letter Template

here are friendly letter templateFriendly Letter Template

Friendly Letter Template are usually written between friends or family members to stay in touch when they are far apart. A friendly letter usually includes personal information and descriptions of day-to-day life. Since the audience of a friendly letter is a friend or family member, it is okay to use less formal language and to write the same way you usually speak.

Here are parts of friendly letter :

  • Heading
    This includes the address, line by line, with the last line being the date. Skip a line after the heading. The heading is indented to the middle of the page.
  • Greeting
    Always ends with a comma, may be formal, beginning with the word “dear” and using the persons given name or relationship or it may be informal if appropriate.
  • Body
    Also known as the main text. This includes the message you want to write. Normally in a friendly letter, the beginning of paragraphs is indented. If not indented, be sure to skip a space between paragraphs. Skip a line after the greeting and before the close.
  • Closing
    This short expression is always a few words on a single line. It ends in a comma. It should be indented to the same column as the heading. Skip one to three spaces (two is usual) for the signature line.
  • Signature
    Type or print your name. The handwritten signature goes above this line and below the close. The signature line and handwritten signature are indented to the same column as the close. The signature should be written in blue or black ink. If the letter is quite informal, you may omit the signature line as long as you sign the letter.

Friendly Letter Template

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