friendly letter format for kids

here are example for friendly letter format for kidsMost kids today do not understand what that letter. They prefer to send a message with electronic equipment rather than letters. As a parent, you have to introduce a friendly letter format for kids. Teach them to write a letter early on, because you teach writing to children, you will make them more like writing than playing electronic equipment.

Here are friendly letter format for kids with template

example for friendly letter template for kids

  • Heading
    placed at the top of letter, including the date and sometimes your address
  • Greeting
    it’s like saying “hi” it tells to whom are writing
  • Body
    this is where you write message
  • Closing
    a short expression is written followed by a comma
  • Signature
    write your name here

Make friendly letter format for kids with funny drawings or flower motif. Children will be delighted to read and write a letter that has a decoration.

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