Free Order Letter

free order letter

Free Order Letter

3rd May 2010

Dear Sirs

Thank you for your letter of 22nd April forwarding booklet with details of your range of wrist watches.

We are very interested in the different types of watches you offer and have decided to place a trial order for the following, on the terms stated in your letter, but only if you can guarantee dispatch in time to reach us by the end of this month.

100 “Popular” Watches @ £12.75 each
100 “Regent” Watches @ £18.50
100 “Aristocrat” Watches @ £32.60

We place this order on the clear understanding that the consignment is dispatched in time to reach us by 31st May, and reserve the right to cancel it and to refuse delivery after this date.

We suggest payment by bill of exchange drawn on us at 30 days after sight Please say whether this is agreeable to you.

Yours faithfully
Thomas Silva

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