Formal Proposal Letter

formal proposal letter | business proposal letter | formal letter sampleFormal Proposal Letter


Darren Smith

General Manager

Indo Citra Corporation

288 Gazebo Street
Singapore, 2208


Paul Ince

General Manager

Baskin and Robins Company

2245 A. Yani Street
Green park, Singapore

March 14, 2009

Ref: Proposal for an annual companies gathering

Dear Mr. Ince,

We would like to invite you to join  our an annual companies gathering this March 23, 2009. We know that your company is one of our loyal partner for long time therefore we invite you to visit this event

This event will be held for 3 days, the first day is welcome and introduction activities with some companies members. the second day will be scheduled for discussing our topic ” Review annual budget”. and the last day will discuss about announcement agenda for next meeting.

We hoping for your confirmation in attending this event.

Yours Truly,

Darren Smith

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