Foreign buyer’s request for quotation

Foreign buyer's request for quotation

Foreign buyer’s request for quotation

The following is another good example of a satisfactory letter of enquiry, this time from a foreign importer.

Foreign buyer’s request for quotation

15th June 2010

Dear Sir

We have recently received a number of requests for your light—weight raincoats and have good reason to believe that * could place regular orders with you provided your prices are competitive.

From the description in your catalogue we feel that your “Aquatite” range is the one most suitable for these parts and should be glad if you would send us your quotation for men’s and women’s coats, in both small and medium sizes, delivered ci.f. Alexandria. Provided prices are right we should place a first order for 400 raincoats, namely 100 of each of the four qualities. Shipment would be required within four weeks of order.
We would particularly stress the importance of price since the principal market here is for mass—produced goods at popular prices.

Yours faithfully
Micheal Johnson

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