Export Procedure and Documentation

export documentation and procedure | export procedure | export documentation Export procedure and documentation 

When the goods ordered have been collected ready for dispatch, the exporter proceeds as follows.

(I) He arranges for them to be suitably packed (sometimes by a packing and forwarding agent), notifies the shipping company of their size and weight and obtains the rate for freight, i.e. the charge for transport.

(ii) He arranges with the shipping company (or forwarding agent) for the goods to be sent by a named ship sailing from a convenient port at a convenient time.

(iii) He arranges with a road haulage firm for transport to the docks.

(iv) He asks the dock authorities to take charge of the goods and to put them on board ship.

(v) He obtains from the shipping company a bill of lading, which is signed and delivered to him when freight has been paid.

(vi) He arranges insurance for the consignment, if it is being sent on a c.i.f. basis.

(vii) He prepares the invoice, attaches to it the bill of lading and insurance policy or certificate and any other necessary documents, and sends them either direct to the importer (if he knows him to be reliable) or, more usually, through the bank.

(viii) He notifies the importer of the date of sailing and probable date of arrival. Upon arrival of the goods the importer pays the dock charges and, if he wishes to take delivery of the goods immediately, any customs charges.

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