Effective Sales Letter

Effective sales letter

Effective Sales Letter

Dear Mr Jameson

We are sorry for you. Your ears are deafened by the ceaseless noise of typewriters and calculating machines.

You get frequent headaches and go home at night tired and irritable In short, you are gradually becoming a nervous wreck. and it is understandable. But thanks to our silent machines you can rid yourself of all this suffering. Your peace in the office will be assured; life will become peaceful for everyone and, what is important, output will go up.

Give us the chance to bring your office up to date. We will give you a generous allowance on all your present machines and provide you with a completely new set of our silent modern typewriters.

You no longer need to be the suffering victim of noise. All you need to do is to complete and return the enclosed card. Our Mr Goodwin will then call whenever it is convenient for you to see him and discuss with you a plan to bring peace into your office. Meanwhile, he asks me to send you his compliments.

Yours sincerely

Thomas Jefferson

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