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follow up letterFollow up letters

When a buyer has asked for a quotation but does not place an order or even acknowledge the quotation, it is natural for the seller to wonder why. If he is “alive” he will not allow matters to rest there, but will arrange for his representative to call, or send a “follow-up” letter if the enquiry is from a distance. Here is a good example of an effective follow-up letter. Its tone is that of a writer who genuinely wants to help and its style direct and to the point. It wastes no words. It considers the reader’s convenience by offering a choice of action and closes with a quietly reassuring promise of service. Notice, too, how the writer’s use of the “you” rather than the “we” approach looks at the question from the reader’s angle. “You” is mentioned no fewer than ten times and “We” only twice.

An example of Supplier’s “follow-up” letter.

10th August 2010

Dear Sirs

Not having heard from you since we sent you our catalog of filing systems, we are wondering whether you require further information before deciding to place an order. The modern system of lateral filing has important space— saving advantages wherever economy of space is important. But if space is not one of your problems, our flat—top suspended system may suit you better. The neat and tidy appearance it gives to the filing drawers and the ease and speed with which wanted files are located are only two of its features that many users find attractive. Would you like us to send our Mr Robinson to call and discuss your needs with you?

He has advised on equipment for many large, modern offices and would be able to recommend the system most suited to your own circumstances.You would be most welcome to his advice without obligation of any kind. Or perhaps you would prefer to pay a visit to our showroom and see for yourself how the different systems work.

You may be sure that whichever of these opportunities you decide to accept you would receive personal attention and the best possible advice.

Yours faithfully

Nick Anderson


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