Complaints Concerning The Goods

complaints concerning the goodsComplaints Concerning The Goods

It is the duty of the supplier to deliver goods of the kind and quality ordered. If he fails in this, you are entitled to return the unsuitable goods at the seller’s expense. You would of course inform him of your intention to return the goods.

Complaint concerning wrong goods

18th August 2010

Dear Sirs

On 12th August 1 ordered twelve copies of Background of Music by H Lowry at the published price of £1.25 each, less 33Z trade discount.

On opening the parcel received this morning I found that it contained twelve copies of History of Music by the same author. I regret that I can not keep these as have an adequate stock already. I am therefore returning them by parcel post for replacement — as a matter of urgency please as I have several customers waiting.
You will of course credit my account with the invoiced value of the returned copies, including postage for 80p.

Yours faithfully


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